Easy Ways to Make a Messy Bun

Laura Lee
Apr 22, 2023

The messy bun hairstyle is always there for you when you are short on time, whether you have to rush to the office because of an urgent call, see a friend because of an emergency, or finish your housework early and need to tie your hair before. People love them because they save time, can be professional, can handle any type of hair, and, most importantly, enhance the beauty of our look. However, when styling your hair in a bun, you must exercise caution. So, let’s look at some options for messy buns.

First, try to put your hair in a ponytail by holding it in your hand. Put all of your hair in a ponytail on the first turn; on the second, put half of your hair in a ponytail and get the other half outside the pony or in a raised shape. Put the remaining hair that is hanging out into the tied hair. Now all the hair will be tucked in that bun. Then, stretch your bun to get a somewhat more raised form. Secure your bins with some bobby pins all around. Don’t forget to use bobby pins to hold the top so the bun doesn’t seem to be hanging. Then, just pull on the top of your hair to add texture and a disheveled appearance to your bun.

Repeat the procedure described above for the second bun, tucking half of your hair into a ponytail while leaving the other half to twist toward your face. Then, wrap the twisted hair around the bun. Put any more hair that is protruding into the tied-up hair. Then, spread your hair out and fluff it all over since doing this would make you seem messy. Then, twist it by rotating it with your palm to make it look messier. Pull out the hair on top of your head to create a more textured, chaotic appearance. Think about using bobby pins if you need them. So, messy buns are a great choice if you ever need to go somewhere urgently or want to appear lovely.