Easy And Beautiful DIY Craft Ideas

Laura Lee
Feb 10, 2020

If you work a 9-5 job, there’s a good chance that you’re just aching for a day off. Not a vacation necessarily. Just a regular old day at home where you can lay in bed all day and binge on Netflix. But as much as we all love a good lazy day, it can be a refreshing change of pace to actually do something with your day off. One way to kick back and relax while also being productive is by making a DIY craft. There are so many fun options available on the internet. Here are just a couple to get you started.

Knit A Scarf

woman knitting

Getty Images/Guido Mieth/DigitalVision

No longer just the beloved hobby of grandmas everywhere, knitting is now gaining serious popularity amongst young people, who love to DIY in their spare time. It’s probably one of the most productive crafts on the list, seeing as you actually get something really useful out of it, whether you wind up with a warm woolen scarf or perhaps a cozy winter throw blanket.

Make A Plant Wall

Woman standing in front of plant wall

Getty Images/Westend61

This is definitely one way to make a statement. A plant wall does require plenty of available wall space, but there’s no reason why you can’t start small. A plant nook could be a great versatile way to add some greenery into your apartment and would go great in a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. All you need are some cute plants, shelves, nails, and a hammer, and you’ll be good to go.

Revamp Old Chairs

couple painting a chair

Getty Images/Westend61

Do you ever see those cute rustic-looking chairs in IKEA or some other furniture shop and really wish you could afford to blow a couple of hundred bucks on them? Well, instead of that, why not just make them yourself? All you need is some pastel-colored paint, an old chair, and you’ll have yourself a stunning vintage-style chair in no time.

Make Pretty Toys

woman making a toy with her child

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Instead of choosing between crafting and spending time with your kids, why not just combine the two? Making a new toy with your child would be a great opportunity to bond with them while adding a cute and budget-friendly toy to their collection – a toy that has personal flair and a story behind it. Whether it’s more of a decorative mobile or a sturdy dollhouse, crafting with your kids is something you’ll never forget.

Shelf It Yourself

woman installing a shelf

Getty Images/Justin Lambert

We bookworms love our books, but the problem is that we always find ourselves running out of places to put them. Instead of going out and buying a new one, try making your own shelf. You’ll need some wooden beams, paint, an electric screwdriver, and nails. And of course, plenty of creative spirit. Oh, and these DIY shelves make a great place to house your candle collection, too.