Dua Lipa is Leading The Return of 80s Dance Pop

Claire Miles
Mar 08, 2023

The 1980s pop music era was one of the most iconic in the genre’s history. With new varieties such as electronic dance music and new wave emerging, the 80s cemented how pop music would sound in the coming years. The genre is still popular among the masses, with Madonna and Michael Jackson tunes still turning up on the charts. However, its popularity has seeped into the musical endeavors of modern artists, with contemporary singers putting out music with 1980s pop influence.

2020 American Music Awards - Show - Dua Lipa

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Gareth Cattermole

With the retro music era slipping into our lives, British pop sensation Dua Lipa has been one of the first to replicate the sound in a more modern context. A love letter to disco music, Dua Lipa’s sophomore album Future Nostalgia has us all dancing to her electric and funky tracks. Dua lipa targeted clubs and UK pubs with dance tracks like “Physical” and “Hallucinate,” but the album was predicted to flop due to the pandemic. Still, with Lipa’s sheer star power and excellent critic reviews, her second feature was a success.

Further entering the realms of 1980s disco music by recreating the feeling of enjoying the music in person, Dua Lipa’s unique Livestream concert, Studio 2054, was a higher success among her fans and beyond. With the inclusion of 80s celebrity star power like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Elton John, Lipa managed to allure old fans and welcome veteran listeners of the genre. Studio 2054 was the highest-selling Livestream concert, gathering over five million views. It mimicked the feeling of being in a boxy, neon-lit, heavily branded club. Dua Lipa has also collaborated with Elton John, releasing “Cold Heart,” which became insanely popular on the charts. Incorporating dance-pop influences is nothing new for Lipa, as her debut self-titled album is laced with 80s-inspired party jams and soft classics like “Be the One” and “Genesis.”