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Drinks to Kickstart Your Morning That Aren’t Coffee

Claire Miles
Jan 07, 2020
It seems as though coffee has come to be the world’s beverage of choice. Around the world, more than two billion cups of coffee are drunk every day according to the BBC. Many people feel dependent on coffee. How many times have you heard (or have said yourself) someone declare that they can’t start their day without their morning cup of joe? However, the BBC reported that by 2050, climate change will have a profound impact on coffee farmers. The news source reported “that the Arabica plant is incredibly sensitive to heat and rainfall – meaning that rising global temperatures and more irregular weather spell trouble for its long-term survival.” What better reason to start tasting other beverages if you want to get your day started off with a nice ‘java’ type jolt!
This picture taken on March 11, 2018 shows coffee beans on a farmer's hands during the harvest in Gayo highland, Takengon district, Aceh province


Matcha tea has been around as early as the Tang dynasty in China. Those who are health-conscious have taken an immediate liking the earthy tasting drink that has recently seen a huge growth in popularity. Everyone from celebrities to magazines is toting about the many benefits of matcha tea. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves making it more potent. Drinkers of matcha are aware of the many benefits including vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that can elevate mood and concentration.
Another popular option is one you might not have ever considered or even tasted before: coconut water. With busy work schedules and family obligations, it can become all too easy to forget to drink water. People oftentimes are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. That mid-day headache might just be because of dehydration. During the time that the typical person is asleep, it is easy to become dehydrated and lose electrolytes overnight. That’s where coconut water steps in. Try grabbing a bottle of coconut water in the morning instead of your usual cup of coffee. You’ll get a boost of both electrolytes and water to recover the body. Plus, it tastes good!