Drake's Ultra Luxurious $400,000 Mattress

Marc Gordon
Jun 08, 2020

We all know and love the iconic Canadian rapper, Drake. And if his mattresses are anything like his music, well then we are likely to love them too. But Drake and mattresses? What’s the connection? In fact, Drake has the Grand Vividus mattress made by Hästens, a Swedish manufacturer and Ferries Rafauli, one of the most notable luxury designers in the world. This highly unique mattress is not your everyday mattress and is only one the elite could ever possibly afford. So what’s so incredibly special about this mattress, other than the fact that Drake has it? And what made him choose this specific mattress? 

More importantly, why did Drake decide to spend the cost of a house on a mattress? Well, here’s everything you need to know. Architectural Digest magazine recently made a feature piece on the Canadian rapper’s impressive Toronto mansion measuring fifty thousand square feet.  And although his humble abode clearly had no shortage of jaw-dropping worthy items, the feature had everyone talking about his luxurious mattress.  So as you could probably have assumed, this is really not your average mattress and is clearly only fit for a real king, such as Drake who has a net worth that we can’t even wrap our heads around.

The special Grand Vidius mattress is black, but it’s also got other additional elements that make it truly stand out, such as it’s golden brass highlights and leather corners. It’s handmade from horsehair and weighs a hefty half a ton, which is why it comes with a price tag of $390,000. But for Drake, this investment isn’t just worth it for the horsehair, but also because it’s reported to have far more springs than other mattresses, providing the feeling that he’s actually floating when lying down in bed.  The fact that this mattress takes 600 hours to make (double the company’s average time) and there are only 12 made annually also explains the astronomical price.