Dorm Rooms Should Feel Like Home

Marc Gordon
Apr 28, 2023

Your dorm room is your safe space at university because you’re away from home and this is the only place that you can decorate and call your ‘second home’. You want this space to feel comfortable, welcoming, and a space that you can solely call your own. Dorm rooms are generally small but you can make the most of this space if you decorate it efficiently. The only things that come with a dorm room are a bed, study table, and cupboards. There might not be ample space to make it look like your room at your home but you can try.

Firstly, ensure you have a good mattress that can make you feel comfortable after a long day of classes or being out with friends. Secondly, ensure there is a seating space other than your bed if you want to host your friends sometimes. You can either place a small stool, chair, bean bag, or floor cushions. Thirdly, you can add fairy lights or LED lights for aesthetics as well. You might not want the lights on all day but these fairy lights might make you feel at peace. Moreover, you can place small pots that you can water regularly as those bring positive vibes into your space as well. Furthermore, you can add a soft board for all reminders, family pictures, and miscellaneous items that you can stick on the board. You can place a rug in your room as well to make the space look more comfortable as well.

You can do whatever you feel like in this space. No one will reprimand you for personalizing your dorm, as long as you don’t do any damage. We believe you should own this space and call it your own. After all, four years in one room should feel like a second home.