Does Cardio Really Work?

Marc Gordon
Mar 23, 2022

When you hit the gym, what’s the first thing you do? You are most likely to get on the treadmill or bike. In some cases that may be the only machine, you touch for your entire workout. This is considered to be cardio. Now if you have been running on the same treadmill for years, you probably stopped seeing changes to your body. This then makes you question if cardio even works and you are right to question it.

Regardless of what you may think, cardio workouts have been proven to work. Cardio workouts have helps hundreds maybe even thousands of people shed access weight. With that said there are a number of great health benefits to doing a cardio workout. Hence why they are so popular in the fitness community. Now you may be wondering why you have stopped seeing results. This can actually happen for a number of reasons.

Young woman in sportswear running on treadmill at gym

Getty Images / Moment / Witthaya Prasongsin

Before we get into the reasons why you may not be seeing results anymore. Let’s talk about the benefits of a cardio workout. For one they are a great way to lose weight. Cardio workouts help you lose weight because while doing it you are burning fat and calories. Another great benefit of cardio workouts is that it strengthens your heart. This is because cardio workouts cause your heart rate to increase which in turn allows your blood to pump properly.

There are a number of people who choose not to do cardio workouts because it can be hard to breathe while doing it. However, this is actually a great benefit for your lungs. With the help of regular cardio workouts, you will in turn strengthen your lungs. Now on to why you aren’t seeing results anymore. You are probably not seeing results because you are doing the same workout every day and your body has gotten used to it. All you need to do is switch it up.