Do 30-Minute Workouts Work?

Claire Miles
May 10, 2022

Are you trying to start your fitness journey but can’t decide on what workouts to follow? Well, then you are at the right place. There are hundreds of different workout routines available on the internet. Each of which varies in time. This makes it extremely hard for you to choose one to do. By now you should know that getting in shape doesn’t solely depend on the workout you do. In order to get in shape, you will need to eat right and stay focused. With that said you may have come across a few 30-minute workouts and wondered if they actually work.

Woman exercising at home in front of her laptop

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Kathrin Ziegler

Did you know that once your heat beat is up your body starts burning calories? That’s right, your body goes into ketosis. This then allows you to burn calories even after you have completed your workout. With that said, it really doesn’t matter how long or how short your workout is. Once your heart rate is up you automatically start burning calories. Now there is also a workout that is considered high intensity. These types of workouts are short yet they get your heartbeat up. Because high-intensity workouts get your heartbeat racing quick, you tend to burn more calories faster.

So yes, in short, a 30-minute workout can work. All you have to remember is that you need to stay consistent and well what you do in those 30 minutes will determine how many calories you burn. What you do during your 30-minute workout will also determine if you lost weight or even gain muscle. How long or how short your workout is, is completely up to you and how much time you actually have to do a workout. If you feel more comfortable with a longer workout then you have the option to workout longer.