Discovering Italy

Laura Lee
Oct 18, 2022

Are you looking to add a new stamp to your passport? If you are, this means that you are looking for a vacation destination. The great thing about wanting to travel is that there are so many beautiful countries that you can visit. In fact, being spoilt with options can actually make finding a destination harder. But worry not, we have an option for you. You should definitely look into visiting Italy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a big pizza or pasta lover to enjoy this magnificent country. There is actually so much more to Italy than great pizza and pasta.

An elevated daytime view of the Italian city of Venice

Getty Images / Moment / Karl Hendon

Besides being well known for creating the world’s greatest pasta, there are a number of other things you can discover about Italy. For starters, you could go on a tour of Venice. Now we aren’t talking about simply walking through the city. No, instead, you could sit in a gondola and take in the city. Gondola rides may seem a bit cliche because of how they are promoted in movies, however, it is still a great experience. You won’t have to worry about finding a gondolier because they tend to gather by the Doge’s Palace and at Rialto Bridge. Now if you are looking to stretch your legs there is an activity for you.

Hiking the Cinque Terre is a perfect way to stretch your legs and view some spectacular sights. This is a 12-kilometer walk that stretches from Monterosso to Riomaggiore. Don’t worry, it is broken into different segments which are much shorter. While hiking you will be able to view the five towns of Italy, open landscapes, and unique villages. If you enjoy cooking or have an interest in cooking especially pasta, then Italy is exactly where you should be. There are a number of restaurants that give you the opportunity to make pasta from scratch the traditional way. You can then cool off and watch the sunset on any of the breathtaking beaches in Italy.