Discover The Beauty Of Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat

Marc Gordon
Jun 25, 2020

Some places in the world are just so beautiful that you wonder how they could even be real. When you’re there, you feel as though you’re in the middle of a dream, or perhaps your wildest fantasy. One such place is Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flat. This stunning natural wonder is situated in the Bolivian altiplano, which is an incredibly flat plateau in the Andes Mountain region. Located at high altitude, Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the entire world, with a span of over 4,000 square miles.

A visit to this incredible site is definitely something you won’t forget anytime soon. The story of how the Uyuni Salt Flat came to be is pretty amazing as well. Created as a result of the evaporation of a large prehistoric lake, the elements left behind came together to form this unique landscape. These elements included salt, various rock formations, and even the remnants of former islands that were situated on the lake. Today, this landscape looks like something otherworldly. It definitely isn’t something you might see every day, at least not on this planet.

uyuni salt flat

Getty Images/Lijuan Guo Photography/Moment

The Uyuni Salt Flat is undeniably stunning. Many are curious about how this natural wonder obtained its highly unique appearance. In short, the surface of the giant dried up lake acts almost like a mirror, reflecting the sky and the landscape around it. It’s definitely someone one must see in order to believe. If you’re looking to plan a special trip to a gorgeous natural site, the Uyuni Salt Flat will definitely exceed your expectations. Once you get there, just make sure to take your time and explore the place slowly. Mostly because the views are worth lingering on, but also because it can get pretty slippery.