Discover Hokkaido’s Most Aesthetic Spots

Laura Lee
Mar 21, 2023

Japan is best known for its metropolis city, Tokyo. Few people venture out to explore the many other areas and cities that reside within Japan. This article is meant to guide exploring Japan’s most northern Island, Hokkaido. While this area is known for its hot springs and volcanoes, we will be providing a more niche and personalized outlook. Please note that these places are best for early Autumn weather conditions.

Lake Asahi in Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan.

Getty Images / Moment Open / Jason Arney

The first site is the Great Buddha Hall, it is best suited for Buddhism enthusiasts as its main attraction is the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue that resides within it. Second, is the Watanabe Farm with its countryside vibe that nurtures Japanese tea gardens. Third, we have the Shiretoko Goko, a lakeside that has the enormous Shiretoko Mountain in the background of the lake. Fourth, we have the Meruhen Hill, its name derived from “Meruhen no Oka” (fairy tale) which is a field famous for its striking yellow and green fields. Next up we have the Kitahama Station which is a novel train station due to its small and cozy size; in fact, it barely looks like a station due to its minimalistic and small design. Then we have the Tomita Flower Fields which contain within it more than 5 hectares of Lavender Fields. Lastly, we have the Daisetsuzan National Park, which is Japan’s Largest National Park.

While the Great Buddha Hall is a site rich with history and relics of Buddhism, other visiting options like Watanabe Farm, Shiretoko Goko, Meruhen Hill, and Tomita Flower fields are meant more for individuals that like to reconnect more with nature than architecture. These nature sites include Japanese tea gardens, lakes, photogenic green and yellow fields, 5-hectare lavender fields, and a national park among other things. Rest assured then; this list has something for everyone to explore in Hokkaido. When are you planning your next visit then?