Different Types of Hair Extensions

Andrew Parker
Feb 24, 2022

Your hair is probably one of the best and most important accessories to any outfit. That’s why having a bad hair day can be frustrating. Luckily there are ways that can help make those bad hair days not so bad. This is where extensions come in. There is a wide variety of hair extensions on the market, so being new to the game means that you don’t really know which one to choose works for you.

Strands of natural hair in different colors and shades for hair extensions

Getty Images / Moment / Fiordaliso

Before we get into the different types of hair extensions available to you. We should first discuss the differences between human hair and synthetic hair. Sometimes the two can look really similar but there are a few major differences. One of which is that human hair comes from actual people and synthetic hair is made with a variety of other materials and fibers.

Other differences include the texture and the look. When deciding between natural and synthetic hair extensions, you will notice that although they serve the same purpose they can’t be styled the same and with the same tools. There are also different ways to color these two types of hair. Now let’s get into the different types of hair extensions you can get.

Clip-in hair extensions have been around for what feels like forever. Much like the name suggests, clip-in extensions come with clips that are clapped in at the root of your natural hair. Clips are attached at the of the extension. Many people feel that this is the easiest type of hair extension to use because you don’t need to go to a professional hairstylist to use them. You can do them all by yourself.

Tape-in extensions are somewhat similar to clip-in extensions. However, instead of clipping them in you tap them to the base of your natural hair. Tape-in extensions are made with tape at the base. Although they can be done yourself, typically a hairstylist would put them in. This is because they need to be heated up once they are tapped into your hair.