Art & Culture

Different Strokes of Art

Marc Gordon
Dec 23, 2022

Art is a rather beautiful activity. It is one that enables the individual to utilize differing vessels in order to express their unique outlook on the world. Over the course of history, the world has witnessed many great Artists – Pablo Picasso, Ludwig Beethoven, and many others. Art carries great influential capabilities: It has the ability to change one’s entire perspective on an issue. A common misunderstanding is that the term ‘art’ is limited to defining a brush stroke on a blank canvas, when in reality, art is anything one deems to be art. There are many different forms of art that exist today.

The first type of art that we will be discussing is one that has been practiced for thousands of years. Many of the earliest paintings known to mankind are not on canvases in museums, but stroked on the walls of caves and huts. Many of these paint sites now fall under the category of world heritage sites and, as such, are protected by international bodies who seek to preserve the cultural histories of these original indigenous peoples.

The second type of art that we will be discussing is the art of sculpting. Sculptures are also one of the oldest forms of art known to man, and till this day we are discovering remnants of old historical sculptures being found across the world. Examples of such sculptures from around the world include the Brazilian ‘Christ the Redeemer’ sculpture located in Rio De Janeiro, The statue of Liberty in New York, and the ancient Greek ‘Orator’ sculpture.

Finally, the third art form that will be discussed in this article is that of literature. Literature is a type of art that is predicated on utilizing the written word to create stories or elaborate tales, either designed to captivate readers by probing at their imagination, or forcing them to make use of their reasoning faculties to understand difficult concepts.