Designing the Perfect Pantry

Laura Lee
Sep 04, 2022

The kitchen is really considered to be the heart of the home. With that, having a perfectly organized kitchen means having a perfect pantry. When it comes to organizing a pantry, many people think that they need to have one as big as a walk-in closet or that it needs to be as organized as Khloe Kardashian’s but this isn’t true. Organizing your pantry can actually be a fun and exciting experience. Yes, it will be a bit stressful but that’s part of the process. There are a number of great tips that you can use when creating your pantry. See you aren’t alone in this.

Shelves with a selection of food in glass jars

Getty Images / Moment / Lourdes Balduque

The first thing you need to do when creating the perfect pantry is to identify your space. How much space you have to dedicate to your pantry will largely depend on the overall size of your kitchen. You see, the great thing about having a pantry is that there really isn’t one specific size to it. You can have it be an entire room and you can simply have it as a kitchen cupboard. Next, you will need to look at your storage options within your pantry. This will largely speak to how you plan on storing your goods. Many people go with the option of shelves as it is much easier.

Once you have your space and storage stored then you are able to look into the fun things. This includes how you will organize your pantry. When it comes to organizing your pantry, you can really go all out. You have a number of different options available to you when it comes to organizing your pantry. Remember that everything has particular groups, this makes organizing much easier. Next, you can organize your pantry by color-coordinating it. Color coordinating makes things look so aesthetically pleasing.