Designing a Decorative Bucket from a Simple Bucket

Marc Gordon
Feb 15, 2023

It is very obvious that nobody wants to live in a dull and monotonous place. Everyone wants to make their home more visually beautiful and functionally beneficial for the residents, but the decorative goods on the market can cost a leg and an arm, so why not get creative while saving money and improving the appearance and functionality of your home? So, we will demonstrate the decorative technique for turning plain buckets into decorative ones. Let’s look at it now.

Dried lavender in metal bucket on wooden kitchen. - stock photo

Getty Images / Moment / Anastasiia Krivenok

Firstly, purchase a sturdy, simple bucket with enough storage space from the market. Take off the bucket’s handles. After that, hot glue the white polyurethane foam all over the basket. Making holes in the white polyurethane foam will be the next step. To build the holes, mark the points at 5.5 inches from the top and 4.5 inches from that point. From that row, rotate the scale and measure three inches from the top and 4.5 inches from the first point. Marking points all over the basket in this manner should be repeated. When you are done marking the holes, cut the foam where you marked the points and form a fold. Spray adhesive glue all over the basket to serve as batting after that, and then press the foam holes through the batting. After that, cover the basket entirely with stretchable fabric.

Step down the fabric through the holes using the staple guns. When you have finished wrapping the stretchy fabric over the entire basket, glue down the last part of the fabric with polyurethane foam, cover the other patch, and staple it down again. Next, use the scissors to make holes in the fabric within the basket, and then step down the fabric with a staple gun to bend the ends. Repeat the same procedure on the bucket’s bottom if any fabric ends are left. To make the bucket more attractive, cover the inside with a poster board. The next step is to use hot glue to affix the gems to the holes in the exterior of the bucket, and then your visually appealing bucket is ready.