Designer Sunglasses

Claire Miles
Jun 07, 2022

Fashion is such a broad spectrum in the world. With that, it has so many sub-sections in it as well. One of these subsections is accessories. Now when you think of accessories you usually think of bags and jewelry. But what you might not think of is sunglasses. Sunglasses are the one accessory that can be worn regardless of the season. That’s right, you can wear sunglasses in winter or summer. With that, there are so many options available to you. More specifically you will notice that you have so many designer sunglasses available to you.

Doina Ciobanu wearing Carrera sunglasses and grey jacket and pants

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Claudio Lavenia

Sunglasses simply make for the best and well most perfect fashion accessory regardless of the occasion. This is why you will see many celebrities actually wearing sunglasses on the red carpet. Wearing a pair of designer sunglasses has become so popular that designers have actually started releasing new shades every season. With that said you will notice that you have so many options available to you when shopping around for the perfect pair of sunnies. This brings us to the wide variety of designer sunglasses for women. First, we have to start with Gucci. Gucci has been creating sunglasses for a number of years.

Throughout its long-standing success, Gucci has certainly held its finger on the pulse in the sunglasses department. Each year they manage to come out with a range of sunglasses that is both practical and fashion-forward. Next, we have to talk about Versace. There are no other sunglasses like that of Versace. They definitely know what they are doing when it comes to sunglasses. So much so that it is incredibly easy to spot a pair of their famous sunnies. This is because of their signature frame and logo on their sunglasses. There are a number of other high-end sunglasses such as Prada and Burberry.