Design Tips to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Marc Gordon
Feb 22, 2021

Winter is gone, but it feels like the cold is here to stay. Sometimes just having a radiator and some warm blankets simply do not do the job. If you are wondering what you can do to make your home feel even cozier, here are some of our best design tips.

Throw Pillows

Furniture in white living room

Getty Images / Moment / Oscar Wong

Throw pillows can effortlessly change the entire aesthetic of a home depending on their fabric and pattern. So a great trick is using different textures between your furniture and your pillows. Another reason why pillows are so important is that we associate pillows with comfort, so when we visit a living room filled with throw pillows, we automatically feel cozier in that space.

Indoor Plants

Window corner full of house plants

Getty Images / Image Source / Sara Monika

There is a reason why our grandmas love having lots of plants at home. Indoor plants have the power of making any type of room feel more full of life, and therefore creating a cozy atmosphere. If those aren’t good enough reasons for you to get a couple of plants yet, remember plants are also great for health reasons. That is, they are known for purifying the air we breathe.


View of living room in home

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Barwick

While having a warm cup of tea on a barely-lit corner of our home does sound extremely cozy and comfortable, the right lighting can do even more for your space. If your home lacks good natural lighting, a good trick to keep a room well-lit and feeling cozy is using diffused lighting. You can use lamps, hidden lighting, or smaller bulbs to create diffuse lighting in your own environment.