Design Tips to Brighten Up Any Room

Marc Gordon
Jun 16, 2021

If you have south-facing windows in your home, you have probably tried many solutions to make those rooms look a little brighter. Removing curtains, painting the walls white, and buying light-colored furniture are all good ideas; but they are not enough to give a room the feeling of coziness and brightness that only the sun can provide naturally. To mimic the warmth of sunlight in your own room, take note of these life-changing suggestions.


Round mirror on a white wall

Getty Images / Mint Images RF / Mint Images

Our first tip is simple: hang some mirrors to reflect the natural light coming through the window. Before buying lots of lamps and lightbulbs, try putting up mirrors on your walls. These reflective surfaces will make the sunlight naturally bounce around the room.


Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Getty Images / Moment / Catherine Falls Commercial

Plants have an incredible superpower: they can keep your air clean. Even in a poorly lit room, these natural air purifiers can make your space feel a lot cozier. Pick some low-light-tolerant plants and place them around your home. Some great options are ferns, spider plants, and snake plants.


Paintings in a black frame stand on the parquet floor next to a white wall

Getty Images / Moment / Anastasiia Chipysheva

Just like mirrors, framed art with a semi-reflective finish will help bounce the light around a room. Besides, large paintings or prints will make any room feel larger than it actually is by breaking up blank wall space. We recommend going for light-colored pieces with light-colored frames to keep the space airy and bright.