Cricket: A Must-Play Game

Marc Gordon
May 16, 2023

Cricket is an outdoor game that comprises eleven players officially, one of whom is always captain; however, the game can be played with any number between two and eleven players when being played for practice or fun. It is a fun game that is perceived as being played frequently around the world. Like any other game, it also keeps a person physically and mentally fit. Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages that cricket offers.

A female crickets bats on a sports field in the evening light - stock photo

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Jessie Casson

Firstly, while playing cricket, you must continually sprint between the wickets or catch the ball to prevent runs from being scored. Thus, regular running can help increase your stamina and maintain a healthy weight. Secondly, playing cricket enables you to develop hand-eye coordination since it requires you to keep an eye on the ball while also throwing, hitting, or catching it. Thirdly, the game requires a new set of muscles when you throw, hit, or catch the ball. Thus, the game helps in muscle growth and provides the body with a perfect shape. Some of the other physical benefits include a healthy heart, better metabolism, improved motor abilities, and increased flexibility.

One of the psychological advantages of playing cricket is improved concentration since cricket requires players to make quick judgments with high accuracy, which enhances attention and sharpens the intellect. Secondly, playing cricket helps you become more social since you constantly communicate with your teammates and opponent team. A person’s mental health is also improved by playing cricket since it increases focus and attention span, which keeps the player engaged and increases their optimism and well-being. The most significant advantage of playing cricket is that you get to spend quality time with others, don’t get stressed or depressed, and make new friends. So, if you also want to stay physically and psychologically fit, must play cricket.