Cozy Wardrobe Staples For Autumn

Claire Miles
Oct 12, 2019

Dressing up is fun all year round. But there’s something especially wonderful about planning your wardrobe in Autumn time when the air is just starting to get cold and crisp. The swift change in weather requires us to bundle up in many layers, which basically means that the outfit options are endless. Here are just a couple of Autumn wardrobe staples that are guaranteed to keep you feeling warm – and looking cute – all season long.

Cozy Knitted Sweater

woman wearing sweater

Getty Images/Bernine/Moment

Is there really anything more comforting during the chilly autumn months than a warm knitted sweater? Whether it’s a cable knit sweater you picked up at Ralph Lauren or a chunky masterpiece handknitted by your grandma, you’ll definitely be the coziest one at the office. Wear with jeans, a miniskirt plus tights, or even thrown over a dress. This piece is truly versatile and will go with literally anything in your wardrobe.

The Perfect Jeans

hands in jeans pockets

Getty Images/Westend61

There are many things we crave during these cooler months. A steaming mug of hot chocolate. A pile of crunchy leaves to jump into. But most of all, we crave our favorite pair of jeans. Whether you’re into classic blue jeans or sophisticated dark denim, either will look great at the office. Or at brunch. Or anywhere, really. And that’s precisely the beauty of a good pair of jeans.

Chunky Scarf

woman wearing knitted scarf

Getty Images/Westend61

Oh yes. The chunky scarf. We really couldn’t make this list without it. While there are many accessories that will look super cute with your fall outfits, the classic chunky scarf is one of our favorites. It pairs perfectly with a cozy winter dress and a pair of tights, but you can basically throw it over any outfit. A scarf is bound to add so much needed warmth and chic to any autumn day.