Corsets are Having a Comeback

Marc Gordon
Apr 20, 2023

We have always looked at corsets and thought to ourselves that we can’t wear those. Corsets are clothing items that cinch your waist and make it look smaller while toning your upper body as well. We grew to look at royals wearing corseted gowns and how uncomfortable those people felt. But have you tried wearing a corset recently? Corsets have made quite a roar recently as every clothing brand has started to sell them in various styles and colors. There are full-sleeve corsets, sleeveless corsets, tube top corsets, etc. The main point of wearing a corset is to make your waist look smaller and give an enhanced upper body look.

Back in the day, corsets were considered uncomfortable to wear but royals didn’t have other alternatives so they chose to wear those corseted gowns regularly. Recently, all the big clothing brands have started selling corsets that do not feel uncomfortable. Several people are seen wearing them for long hours without feeling any comfort. Some of the reasons for that could be a linen layering beneath the corset, wearing high-waisted jeans so the corset doesn’t touch the skin, etc. People are slowly getting over their fear of wearing corsets as they have observed positive reviews about them.

With corseted gowns out of the fashion market, people don’t need to worry about that. In the earlier days, corsets were only worn with gowns which could be the main reason why they felt even more uncomfortable. With the innovation of corset tops, people don’t feel the need to wear something over them which makes them feel comfortable. On the other hand, you don’t need to be stressed about how to style these corset tops; you can style them just like you style your bodysuits because both items give you a similar look. We hope you are convinced sufficiently to invest in corset tops or corset dresses as well.