Corporate Fashion

Claire Miles
Jul 20, 2022

Corporate is what everybody is after these days and it seems to be a proper craze with young people looking for internships and people posting about their jobs extravagantly on LinkedIn. Everyone seems to be doing just fine but one common area where everyone seems to struggle is what to wear when going to corporate offices. Sure thing, formal is what constitutes corporate fashion but what is “formal” in essence.

Usually, corporations and businesses have strict formal dressing guidelines for all their employees and all employees are expected to follow suit to maintain high standards of appearance. This is in essence the highest level of professional attire an employee should wear before coming to work. For men, it absolutely means tailored suits and ties with dress shoes whereas, for women, it usually revolves around a suit consisting of a pantsuit or skirt suit with modest accessories and shoes.

Confident businessman with bag against building

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Morsa Images

However, some corporations and businesses don’t have such strict dressing guidelines but still expect some professional business attire from their employees to adhere to working and professionalism in the office. Although it is less formal than business formal, business professional attire is nonetheless conservative and conventional. Color and pattern versatility will become more prevalent among businessmen. Women wear a suit or skirt, top, and jacket with more apparent jewelry, such as big watches or statement items, while males wear suits and ties with more patterns and colors.

If your company’s dress code allows for business casual attire, you won’t have to put on a suit, heels, and stockings every day. Regardless of how informal the dress code is, you should maintain a certain level of professionalism. Women can wear skirts, slacks, or khakis with a cardigan or jacket, while males wear button-ups. Employees are given more leeway with their jewelry and other personal accessories.