Chic And Stylish Bedroom Decor Ideas

Laura Lee
Apr 29, 2020
Today more than ever, having a calm and serene atmosphere in your living space is of utmost importance. And of course, that should start from the heart of your home, which typically is the bedroom. While home-decor is certainly a matter of taste, here are a couple of beautifully decorated bedrooms that will definitely put you in the mood for some feng shui.

Monochrome Mania

bedroom with floral wallpaper

Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision

Add a classic element to your bedroom design by choosing a black and white color palette. Not only will these create and fresh and clean look, but it will provide the perfect backdrop for some of your more colorful accessories. Some things are simply timeless, and this effortless color scheme is one of them.

Bright & Airy

bright and airy bedroom

Getty Images/Image Source/DigitalVision

There’s nothing like a bright and airy workspace to get you motivated each morning. Having plenty of natural light will ensure that you (and your plants) are happy and healthy and getting plenty of Vitamin C, Additionally, it has the added benefit of providing the ultimate lighting for your next Instagram post.

Wanderlust Vibes

bedroom wallpaper

Getty Images/Boris SV/Moment

Do you and your family enjoy traveling? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t. We love this idea of sprucing up a plain wall with some quirky travel-themed decor. Another way to spice things up by hanging up a map of the world, and placing a pin on each new country you visit. A sky-colored wall gives the perfect touch to this travel themed bedroom.

Cozy Book Nookbedroom decor

While the main space of your bedroom is probably where you’re going do most of your daily activities, it’s so crucial to have a cozy little corner to escape to when you need a quick breather. Whether you enjoy reading books or just curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, this is the perfect place to do all of your relaxing.