Check: One of the Best-Known Patterns

Andrew Parker
Feb 18, 2023

One may come across various designs in their specific season, wear them, or place them in their houses for decorative purposes; but when it comes to clothing, bedsheets, or other decorative items, check patterns are the ones that never go out of style. The diversity of check designs is one reason why they are constantly in fashion. Let’s take a deeper look at the numerous check pattern variations and which pattern is used for which textiles.

Full length portrait of woman with crutch standing with hand on hip against red background

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Klaus Vedfelt

To begin with, argyle checks are the most attractive and popular check pattern. The allover pattern of gems is arranged in a pattern throughout the cloth. The gemstone motifs typically overlap each other. Men’s socks and sweaters frequently use this pattern. Secondly, the most common pattern is Buffalo checks. This pattern is spread out on the whole piece of cloth, featuring large squares made at the intersection of two-colored yarns, typically red and black. This check pattern is generally used on casual clothing and as house d├ęcor. Thirdly, another common yet stunning check pattern is Dog’s tooth. This pattern is also known as the “Hound’s tooth. This checkerboard design is made up of fragmented or unequal checks. The name of this check is Dog’s/Hound’s tooth because it resembles a dog’s teeth. This check pattern is frequently found in textiles used for clothing.

Dupplin check is another well-liked and beautiful check design. This pattern combines fundamental checks, such as Dog’s teeth checks, with windowpane checks. White, blue, and a combination of white and light colors are typically the predominant colors in this pattern. This check pattern is a common one in clothing. Glen check, Graph check, Plaid checks, Mini check, Shepherd’s check, and Windowpane check are a few other lovely check patterns. Because of their capacity to include contrasting colors and prominence, check designs are loved and popular on a broad range of products worldwide. Some check patterns are connected with history and legacy as well as warmth and coziness; that’s why many people like them.