Can Uggs be Worn Outside?

Marc Gordon
May 12, 2022

During winter all you want is to be comfortable and cozy. So leaving the house can really seem like more work than anything. When going outside during winter all you care about is making sure that your body and well your feet don’t get wet or cold. This is by we all tend to dress as warmly as possible. This is also why we have a number of different types of shoes that we can wear. This includes a variety of different boots. Now keeping warm during winter isn’t just for when you go outside, you also want to keep warm while inside.

close-up of someone wearing sweatpants and Ugg boots

Getty Images / EyeEm / Peta Roberts

Here is where Ugg boots come in. Ugg boots are by far the most worn type of winter boots and it’s really easy to see why. You see Uggs are designed to keep your feet warm. On the inside, they are laced with faux fur which helps keep your toes nice and toasty. On the outside, they are coated with a warm suede-like material which also helps keep your feet warm. Uggs are so warm that many people don’t actually wear socks with them. Now because they are so warm you may not even want to take them off when leaving the house.

Having to take off your cozy Uggs just to run a few errands can be nerve-wracking. Now you may not know this but you really don’t have to. That’s right, you can still wear your Uggs when going outside. The only reason why you may feel a bit apprehensive about wearing your Uggs outside is that they tend to look like bedroom slippers but they really aren’t. Uggs were designed to be worn outside. When looking at your Uggs you will notice that they have a thick hard sole and is perfect for walking in puddles, sand, and even gravel. So next time to think of leaving the house with your Uggs, do it.