Budget-friendly Travel Locations

Laura Lee
Jan 07, 2023

In the new age, traveling is extremely important for people from all sections of society. For the sake of efficiency, we are all used to being confined within one part of the city, which leads us to not prioritize traveling. On top of this, many of us stay away from the idea of traveling because it seems to be too expensive of an activity, and not something easily managed on a small budget. Well, there are, in fact, some locations you should try to put down in your travel journal to visit in your coming vacation.

Firstly, it is extremely important to put Portugal on top of this list. Although we’ve always seen Europe as an expensive travel destination, Portugal is an exception to that rule, while still offering the benefits you would see elsewhere. With affordable accommodations, stunning landscapes, and cozy architecture within the cities, Portugal will feel not like a random location, but like a place where you are welcomed.

spice market


Morocco is another place that you will regret not traveling to. It offers such unique aesthetics, the brown sand against the clear blue sky, bewitching every tourist. It also has different places to occupy and entertain tourists, like the bustling markets you can visit to find gifts for family and friends when you return home. It is the perfect place to find objects that are stunning, yet also affordably priced at the same time.

Lastly, Thailand is a great option for people looking for super-budget options. The place is full of low-cost guesthouses, making it easy to get basic amenities at a low rate. Alongside this, it also has very affordable options for traveling within the cities, with the bus being the most commonly used since it reaches many destinations. Even if you wanted to see the beach, you could do it while remaining within budget.