Bringing Back Tie-Dye

Marc Gordon
Feb 24, 2023

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people started tie-dying their clothes at home by themselves. Tie-dye is a procedure that entails you applying bleach to your clothes and the pattern that is the result of the procedure is what we call tie-dye. Before the lockdown, brands used to sell tie-dye pieces at high prices. But after people started dying their clothes themselves, prices of these tie-dye pieces went down significantly. Local businesses started selling tie-dye kits as well to make the entire experience easy for people. Brands added bleach, utensils, and a guide to the kit so people could easily dye their pieces at home.

The process is relatively easy and you don’t have to do much. Firstly, pick a plain white shirt or any color that you want to dye. Before starting the dying process, please ensure you wear gloves as well because the dye has harmful ingredients which can react to your skin. Secondly, pick any colored dye that you might want. You can choose just one color or go with several different colors to give a rainbow look. Thirdly, tie the shirt with rubber bands so the shirt is sectioned for you to color. Lastly, just apply the liquid dye to the shirt and leave it for the number of hours specified in the manual. Tie-dying pieces on your mean you won’t get the same pattern every time. But isn’t that the best part about this process? On the other hand, tie-dyed clothes are not trending in 2022 anymore and we don’t have a strong feeling of this trend will return in 2023 as well. The fashion market is so fast in today’s world that trends change every month.

But as we have always said, if something makes you look and feel good then don’t shy away from wearing it. If it makes you feel confident, wear it confidently. Don’t worry about trends all the time.