Breathtaking Waterfalls Around the World

Claire Miles
May 18, 2022

Waterfalls are truly one of the most natural pieces of beauty in the world. Many people travel far and wide just to spot a breathtaking waterfall. With that said there are a number of great waterfalls all over the world. When visiting these waterfalls you will definitely need your camera because you won’t believe what you are witnessing before your eyes. Now if you would like to get a rare glimpse at these amazing waterfalls you will need to know where to find them. Luckily for you, we have found some of the best waterfall destinations in the world.

lone man standing below Mooney Falls, Supai, Arizona, USA

Getty Images / Aurora Open / Grant Ordelheide / Aurora Photos

What do you think is better than seeing one waterfall? Well seeing multiple waterfalls right? You can do just that when you visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil. This may come as a surprise but the Iguazu waterfalls are actually a collection of hundreds of individual waterfalls that stretch out for more than three kilometers. This then creates the world’s largest waterfall that is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Another great waterfall that sits on the border between two countries would have to be the Victoria Waterfall located in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Not only is this a beautiful waterfall but you can also go bungee jumping. This may come as a surprise but the Victoria Falls is also known as “The Smoke that Thunders.” Next, we have to talk about America. Now the USA is quite a big country with over 50 states. With that said one of its states is home to one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. We are talking about Havasu Falls located in Arizona, USA. If you are looking to go on an adventure then this waterfall will do it for you. You will need to go on an overnight 10-mile hike in order to access the waterfall. These are only a few of the greatest waterfalls you can experience while traveling.