Blushes That Will Stay Trending in 2023

Andrew Parker
May 17, 2023

Doesn’t 2023 seem like the year of blushes? Every makeup brand was trying to innovate with cream blush, liquid blush, and powder blush. We believe that every makeup brand has tapped into different makeup items; blush was probably the only makeup item left where there was a lack of innovation. Even if brands were innovating, 2022 was the year people started using these different types of blushes and this trend will only grow this year and the next. A blush is said to be a versatile makeup item because people have used a single blush to create an entire makeup look. They have used it as a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick.

Different brands have been the talk of the town when it comes to blushes. Firstly, Rare Beauty has made waves after launching its liquid blush. It has a slightly higher retail price but we believe that the price is correctly estimated. This product has high pigmentation which is why you won’t require a lot of product when using it. This can last you a long time even if you use it regularly. Secondly, you might have heard of the universal powder blush by Nars called ‘Orgasm’. We have grown up watching different YouTubers use this blush in their videos and always wanted to own one. This product does not have an expensive retail price as the money is worth the product’s quality. It is easy to carry around, has good pigmentation, and is of premium quality. Nars is one of the high-end makeup brands so you get the quality that you are promised.

Thirdly, you should try cream blush by Glossier. It is easy to blend and does not look oily despite the product having a cream base. Glossier is usually known for its gloss lipsticks but it has won everybody’s hearts when it comes to cream blushes.
Blushes bring out the color in you and make you look natural. Different types of blushes give us a huge variety to choose from. If you want to use all three types of blushes, you can use them but ensure to blend them well to avoid any inconsistencies.