Birthday Card Design Guide

Marc Gordon
Mar 23, 2023

Birthdays are remarkable events because they commemorate the day when people’s loved ones came into this world as a gift from God. Birthday parties are frequently held to celebrate birthday occasions. Being invited to someone’s birthday celebration imposes some obligations on you to make the birthday person feel special and show how much you love them. So, maybe you need to get a bouquet, a present they will love, or a birthday card for them. So, here is an idea to make birthday cards.

Four teenage girls at birthday party smiling outdoors - stock photo

Getty Images / OJO Images / Chris Ryan

Take a computer sheet that is 18cm long and 28cm wide. Fold the paper in half so that it seems like the books. Then, on the bottom, draw a 3cm horizontal line leaving some room below, and a 4cm vertical line allowing some space on both vertical sides of the paper. All lines must be joined. Now, using scissors, cut the vertically drawn lines and fold the vertically cut piece into the inward direction of the computer sheet. Draw the 3cm horizontal and 3cm vertical lines again, allowing little space on the sheet’s bottom and sides. All lines have to be joined. Cut the vertical lines and fold them into the sheet’s interior. Repeat the procedure again described above by drawing 1.7cm horizontal and 2cm vertical lines.

Now, one by one, open the inner layers that were previously folded. When they open, they will take the form of a three-tiered cake. Apply gum stick to the designed card’s corners on both outer sides. Take another card of a little, larger size and paste the previous one onto the new one. Draw the developing curves on paper, cut them, and paste them to the bottom of each layer of the 3-tier cake. Draw the butterflies, cut them, and adhere them to the top and sides of the 3-tiered cake. Draw candles on the top of the three-tiered cake as well. Draw a semicircle, cut it, and glue it to the card’s front side that was attached later. Draw lovely butterflies and hearts, then cut and paste them around and on the semicircle. The beautiful card is ready.