Best Type Of Bangs For Your Face Shape

Claire Miles
Apr 19, 2022

Bangs can instantly change your looks. There are various types of bangs and each has a dramatic impact on your face. Bangs have the power to uplift your looks in an instant. But they also just do not suit some people. How do you know which category you fall in? There are certain facial features that look good with bangs and some that don’t. This article explores these features in detail to help you decide if you should get bangs or not.

Square Shaped Face: A-Shaped Bangs

 Emma Stone attends 'Birdman' Premiere during 71st Venice Film Festival

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Bangs are deceiving quite well. Those with square-shaped or oblong face shapes have faces that are wider near the cheek and angular around the jawline. Soft A-shape bangs especially suit people who have this face shape because the tapered ends of the bangs create angles that soften the jawline and bring attention to your eyes.

Heart-Shaped Face: Crescent Bangs

Mandy Moore attends the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards

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Heart-shaped faces are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. soft, crescent-shaped bangs are the best for this face shape. These bangs are longer at the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle. Such shaped bangs lift your face and give it an overall better look! Salena Gomez, who has a heart-shaped face can commonly be seen with these bangs!

Oval Shaped Face: Medium Bangs

beyonce at TRL

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There is a wide range of haircuts that suit oval-shaped faces, give those with such a face shape to go wild and explore the many haircuts there are. Bangs are the perfect way to go all out while experimenting with your hair. Medium bangs can be a daring choice for those with oval-shaped faces. They are slightly longer than micro bangs, but they don’t hit your brows. If you have curly hair, you should definitely go for medium bangs because they play up the texture and piecey-ness.