Best Places For Vegan Food In London

Marc Gordon
Nov 16, 2019

Whether it is due to dietary restrictions or animal and environmental rights, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to go vegan. Though it is gaining a lot of momentum in recent years, there is a common misconception that vegans have nothing to eat. People argue that they can’t eat eggs so breakfast is a no-go and they can’t have creme brulee (gasp!). But those misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. And thankfully many major cities are catching on to the vegan trend and are offering vegan-friendly options. Truthfully, these dishes are so popular and so delicious that you don’t even need to be vegan to enjoy! So if you find yourself in London these are the joints you need to check out.


This gem is the spot to snap some drool-worthy pics for your Instagram. The food looks just as good as it tastes. Each roll is hand-rolled before you and with lots of different sizes, you definitely won’t leave hungry.

Temple of Seitan

Next time you get a fast food craving skip McDonald’s and head to Temple of Seitan (TOS). As you might guess, seitan is the centerpiece on the menu. From wings, wraps, burgers, beef, bacon-topped mac and cheese, everything is seitan based.


Purezza was the first all-vegan pizzeria in the United Kingdom. Their mission is for its pizza to be better than the traditional stuff everyone is used to. It looks like they’re succeeding: it won top prize at the 2018 National Pizza Awards with its vegan sausage and aubergine pizza. They also have gluten-free options too!


byChloe is fast food mini-chain that has started in the United States and spread to major cities abroad. There are locations in Covent Garden and Oen Tower Bridge, with more expected to come soon. The meals are junk food style, but don’t be deceived- everything is made with whole ingredients.