Best Place To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Claire Miles
Nov 23, 2022

Once Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed, you can look forward to the new year. Now before we get the new year, you have to end the old one. This is where New Year’s Eve comes in. New Year’s Eve is a day celebrated throughout the world. You celebrate New Year’s Eve for a number of reasons. This includes bringing in the new year and acknowledging your achievements of the year that has passed. With that said, you might be looking into alternative ways to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. Traveling to a different city or even country is a great idea. Take a look at the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Crowds Celebrating New Year On Times Square

Getty Images / EyeEm / Nicolas Schild

The first and probably most popular destination for New Year’s Eve would have to be New York City. That’s right, well known for being the city that never sleeps, New York is a top tourist destination around New Year. This is because their New Years’ Eve celebrations are broadcasted all over the world. But apart from that, there is a lot that occurs. You see, New York has something called the Square Drop which occurs in Time Square. Hundreds of people flock to the square to watch the ball drop at midnight and to watch all the performances before that.

Another great destination would be Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is well known for being a tourist destination, especially during December. After all, it has great restaurants, nightlife, and breathtaking views. But you may not know this, but Cape Town goes all out for New Year’s Eve. You can look forward to watching fireworks from a number of different rooftops or while on the beach. Alternatively, you can attend one of the many parties hosted in the city. See, you don’t have to stay home for New Year’s Eve.