Best Holiday Destinations in England

Claire Miles
Jul 04, 2022

England is usually associated with London and business. But there is much more to England than that. It is a beautiful country with plenty of places to visit and enjoy nature. North Devon is where you can experience the best of both hiking and beach life. The rocky and rugged cliffs are engulfed by a sandy shore. The town has one of the best beaches in the country where you can soak up in the British summer sun all day long. In the evening, head onto one of the hiking trails in the small town, before eating some classic British fish and chips for dinner.

field of lavender

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Another popular coastal destination is West Cornwall. The town is home to plenty of beaches across its coastline. Some of the best ones include Praa Sands and Porthcurno Beach. You can spend hours walking along Cornwall’s coastline, and it will still not end. It is the perfect getaway location if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life. If beach life is not the one for you, then you can retreat in a small picturesque village. Visit Cotswolds to see cobbled houses line up for meters at length. You can easily find a breathtaking cottage to reside in. Two main attractions nearby are the Cotswolds Water Park and the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Both attractions are family-friendly where your children can spend the day making memories, playing in the water or observing lions, giraffes, and zebras roaming around in the wild.

There are also plenty of gardens and fields nearby to go to in the evenings. You can enjoy a splendid cup of tea while seeing beautiful colors in the evening sky. Other places to visit include the Park District, Jurassic Coast, and the Brecon Beacons.