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Benefits of Drinking Beet Juice

Andrew Parker
Sep 13, 2022

When you see a new superfood or drink populating your Instagram timeline, it is easy to feel like you are ten steps behind. The fun fact is that you really aren’t behind. We simply live in a world where discoveries are made every day. We have seen the increased popularity of beet juice and are here to give you some insight into the benefits of this new juice.

A glass of fresh beetroot, apple and ginger juice

Getty Images / Moment / Bloxsome Photography

Before you can get into the benefits of beet juice, you need to know what it is exactly. To put it simply, beet juice is the juice created from squeezing a beet. Yes, beets are vegetables but this wouldn’t be the first time a vegetable was juiced. With that said, beet juice is easy to spot because of its deep red color which is similar to that of hibiscus tea. Now we all know that it is important to eat our vegetables but they aren’t always the tastiest things to eat. This is where juicing comes in. Juicing can make vegetables taste really good.

Now let’s get into the benefits of beet juice. If you are someone who has a lot of stress in your life then you will be pleased to know that beet juice can help lower your blood pressure. That’s right, there is actually research that shows that beet juice can lower your blood pressure. Another great benefit of beet juice is that it can help increase your stamina when exercising. This is because beet juice increases plasma nitrate levels. If you don’t like eating bananas then you will be happy to know that beet juice does in fact have potassium.