Art & Culture

Becoming an Artist

Claire Miles
Mar 04, 2023

Do you ever feel the urge to be creative and “artistic”? What does it even mean to be artistic? The term is often used as a synonym with the term creative. So, is being artistic the same as being creative? In essence, yes. But one does not have to be inherently creative, you can also learn to be creative. By looking into the impossible, by reading between the lines, and really, by viewing the world from a not-so-obvious lens. Being creative is also not limited. Creativity and art do not have to mean painting and drawing, or reading and writing poetry. It can also mean capturing pictures of nature or babies or practicing meditation. Art is all around us, and we are art too!

So, then- how to become an artist? The most precise answer to this can be to look for creativity in everything. And most importantly, do not be discouraged if something does not come to you naturally. If being an artist to you means to be a painter, but it does not come to you naturally- frett not! It always takes practice to become perfect. Many renowned artists of all time had to learn for many years to become good at painting. In fact, many were not even recognized for the skill they possessed until they passed.

In order to become the artist you dream of becoming, it is important that you continue gaining inspiration from others. Study artworks that others have created! This has become so much easier in the digital age, where there are plenty of arenas to gain inspiration from others, such as Pinterest. You can also communicate with people who share the same interests as yours, through sites such as discord. When you are unsure of how to proceed with something, there are also plenty of tutorials online. In essence, the key to becoming an artist is to not give up!