Bathrooms Designed for the Elderly

Claire Miles
Apr 15, 2023

Elderly folks are more inclined to slip and fall in the house. Some even have issues keeping balance, so it’s more regrettable for them. Likewise, encountering a fall in the room is very not quite the same as falling on the slippery wet washroom floor; the last option can cause dreadful injuries, a crack, or, in the worst situation imaginable, death. In this manner, it is essential to plan a protected washroom for senior citizens and safeguard them from any injury. For the old, a visit to the washroom can likewise transform into a hazardous undertaking, given the dangers implied. There are a few straightforward ways to make a protected restroom for your parents, friends, and family.

Modern bathroom

Getty Images / Moment / Kanok Sulaiman

While building the washroom, try to have a raised toilet seat, particularly for elders experiencing joint inflammation or knee joint pains. To help your folks or any senior individual who experiences difficulty bringing themselves down onto the typical toilet seat, keep the level of the toilet seat raised by 3-4 inches, making it simpler for seniors to plunk down. To have older well disposed restrooms, introduce hand snatch bars where you figure your folks would require additional assistance. This will offer more prominent help to elders who are more vulnerable to falling, particularly on elusive wet floors.

Other than that, place a non-slip mat close to the bath, in the shower region, and close to the sink where water can make the floor wet, making it more slippery. Very much like slip-free mats, non-slip tiles can likewise be introduced in the washroom to limit the risk of falling. Aside from adding an extra washroom well-being highlight for senior residents, non-slip tiles are strong, financially affordable, and come in different sleek designs so you don’t need to stress over your home stylistic layout while introducing them. Assuming it is possible, introduce a radio in the washroom for any crisis circumstance. Assuming the senior resident feels tipsy or risky, they can illuminate the caretaker on the radio present inside the washroom.