Bali, an Exotic Island

Claire Miles
Mar 24, 2022

Are you looking for an oasis away from home? Then Bali is definitely the place to travel to. This beautiful exotic island has a lot to offer travelers. So much so that it is a top destination during the summer. Its crystal blue waters and scenic views have visitors falling in love instantly. But that’s not all you can expect to experience while traveling in Bali. There’s so much beauty that this little island holds. Are you ready to unfold it all?

If you are looking to feel some cool crisp ocean air against your skin the beaches of Bali should be on your itinerary. The beaches in Bali give you an opportunity to lay back and soak in the sun. But if you aren’t looking to sit back and watch the waves crash, you can easily sign yourself up for any of the amazing water sports that are available to travelers and locals. Once you’re done having fun in the sun, you can spoil yourself with a world-class meal at any of their beach restaurants.

Woman swinging on the cliff of the jungle in Ubud, Bali

Getty Images / EyeEm / Sayamol Boonto

Another must for your Bali trip would definitely have to be a visit to their majestic waterfalls. Bali is well known for having tropical forest that goes on for acres and that is home to some of the world’s most secluded waterfalls. To find these waterfalls it is best to hire a tour guide who can take you through these mystical forests. You could even decide to go for a hike and take in some of Bali’s unique natural sites. Once you have reached the waterfalls you won’t regret it.

It really wouldn’t be a vacation to Bali if you didn’t indulge in some of the local cuisines. You will notice that there are a number of different restaurants and warungs in and around Bali. All of which serve authentic Balinese and Indonesian foods. These are just a few of the things you can dive into while on vacation on the beautiful island of Bali.