Backcombing: The Surprising Trick To Fuller Brows

Claire Miles
May 03, 2022

Gone are the days when overplucked eyebrows were a trendy look. A lot has changed since the 90s and we are here today to teach you how to make your eyebrows look full again. While essential oils (we recommend castor oil) and eyebrow serums are a great way to ensure your eyebrows grow thick and healthy, those solutions take a long time to show results.

For instantly fuller brows, we suggest you try backcombing. Yes, just like our moms and grandmas did with their hair back in the day. This works the same way as teasing your hair: brushing your eyebrows against the direction of their natural growth pattern will give them volume instantly.

Woman brushing her eyebrows

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Dougal Waters

The technique is simple: using a spoolie, brush your hairs from the tail of your brow toward the front. For a natural look, finish off your work with clear eyebrow gel to keep your beautiful feathery eyebrows in place all day. If you are going for a more defined look, use tinted gels, pencils, or wax.