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Avocado Themed Restaurants Around The World

Laura Lee
Feb 11, 2020

Trends come and go. But one particular food trend has stuck around for long enough that we can probably stop calling it a fad. And yes, we’re talking about avocado. Everyone can get behind a green and healthy food that also happens to be delicious and perfectly spreadable. So really, what could possibly be better than an avocado themed restaurant, where every item is avocado-based?  Here’s where you can make your foodie dreams come true and seriously up your Instagram game.

Amsterdam: The Avocado Show

avocado toast on a plate

Getty Images/Valeriya Tikhonova

The Avocado Show restaurant is one of the popular in Amsterdam – bringing in people from across the globe looking for the ultimate avocado experience! Of course, there are many reasons that one might want to visit the Netherlands’ capital, particularly because of the city’s fabulous culture and architecture, as well as its notorious nightlife scene.

Sydney: Good Fat

avocado toast with chili flakes

Getty Images/Sergio Amiti/Moment

Well if this isn’t absolute heaven, then we’re not sure what is! This Australian avocado restaurant has seriously got it going on with their avo-ice cream. Australia is already one of the coolest global destinations. After all, is there anything better than surfing the waves, eating grilled prawns, and petting cute koala bears? Well, yes, actually, there is. And it’s called avocado.

Rome: Avocado Bar

sliced avocados on a cutting board

Getty Images/Sharon Mccutcheon/EyeEm

You may think that Italy is only about the pasta and pizza, but they’ve still got the essentials including an all avocado restaurant, with some seriously tempting menu items! If you’re planning a vacation to the Italian capital anytime soon, this restaurant would be the perfect healthy break from your carb-friendly adventures.

Prague: Avocado Gang

kale salad with avocado

Getty Images/Claudia Totir/Moment

This seriously attractive avocado burger from an all-avocado restaurant in Prague is ready for its close up – and is looking better than ever. Prague is known for its stunning architecture, and in recent years, its become the ultimate shopping destination for more fashion-forward travelers. We can’t think of a better way to unwind after a long day of purchases than by biting into one of these trendy and healthy burgers.

London: Avobar

avocado toast

Getty Images/Pam Susemiehl/Moment

This trendy London avocado themed restaurant is not only the ultimate place to see and be seen but its also the best spot to eat dreamy avocado while in the British capital. If you’re looking for something cool to do after visiting Buckingham Palace and shopping your heart out on Oxford street, this is definitely a great option.

Tel Aviv: Avocada

avocado toast with a sunny side up

Getty Images/Arx0nt/Moment

Just when you thought you already had every avocado-version of a dish possible, Tel Aviv’s Avocada restaurant has come to prove you wrong. Because no matter how much of an avocado aficionado you profess to be, you probably haven’t laid eyes upon avocado carpaccio yet. Until now. Better book those flights to Tel Aviv!