At-Home Manicure

Claire Miles
Apr 23, 2022

We all fancy a manicure every now and then. But getting manicures so often can cause serious damage to your bank account. The easiest way to avoid financial setbacks and enjoy a fancy manicure at the same time, you can try doing it yourself at home. While the process seems incomprehensible, it actually is not quite hard! This article will simplify the process for you.

Close-Up Of Woman Fingers With Nail Art Manicure in nude colour

Getty Images / Moment / mikroman6

The first step is to clean your nails with a nail color remover. Invest in a good one, any that has good reviews. This will effectively remove polish from your nails without having to scrub your nails too much and will also provide essential nutrients to your nails while moisturizing your cuticles. Next, you have to clip, file and buff. For this, take out the manicure set that has been lying in the back of your cupboard for ages.

Start by clipping your nails, if needed. Then move on to filing. You can make your tips square or round, however you wish. Don’t fret if you can not do it perfectly- treat it as a learning experience! Finally, buff the tops and sides of your nails lightly with a nail buffer. This helps create a smooth surface on your nails and brightens them too!

The next step is to prep your cuticles with a cuticle remover. They help exfoliate your nails, which removes dead skin cells and replenishes moisture for your nail beds. There will be grime underneath your nails so clean it with a cotton bud. Then, exfoliate your hands with a scrub. This will also reap the same benefits on your skin as it does on your nails. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly and pat them dry.

Congratulations, you are almost done! All you need to do now is apply moisturizer- plenty of it. This ensures that your cuticles are hydrated. Lastly, apply your favorite nail polish- and you are done!