Artists to Listen to if You Love Sad Music

Laura Lee
Jul 21, 2023

We all get sad every now and then, and some find the need to reflect our emotional state in the music we listen to. Alternatively, some just enjoy listening to sad songs – and there’s no shame in that! Some artists make a living dishing out songs that have the capacity to rip your heart to shreds, and some do it better than others. Down below we list down 3 artists that are definitely worth the time if sad music is to your liking!

First, we have Billie Eilish, an artist who first gained public attention in 2015. Since then, she has honed her craft and refined her music to near perfection (if such a thing exists for musicians). Her excellent lyrics are compounded by equally stellar vocals, which are often slow and ooze melancholy. However, Eilish isn’t afraid of being loud at all. Her track Happier Than Ever, from the album of the same name, is a testament to this and also stands as one of her more popular tracks to date. As an artist, she is definitely worth giving a shot.

Next up we have Phoebe Bridgers, an artist that appeals to the textbook heartbroken individuals. She gained recognition through her hit album Punisher, and has only seen her following grow since. She combines excellent songwriting – her songs often being rooted very deeply in very common human emotions and insecurities – with a stunning vocal range to create music that leaves you feeling a range of emotions usually leaning towards the sadder end of the spectrum.

Lastly, we have Japanese Breakfast, an alt-pop band headed by Michelle Zauner. If one wants to weep, then they should look no further than their album Jubilee, which contains heart-wrenching tracks like Posing For Cars. Zauner’s gripping lyrics are compounded by her wistfully melancholic tone, which ultimately creates great music for those who need to let the rivers flow.