Are Sweats High End?

Marc Gordon
Apr 28, 2022

Sweatpants have been around for decades and everyone wears them. Yes, everyone! You can spot anyone from Kim Kardashian to your next-door neighbor wearing them. Now as someone that enjoys high-end fashion, you might be wondering if sweatpants can be considered high-end. After all, they do look a bit plain and they can be a bit baggy. With that said, there are a number of high-end brands that have tried to target a new market of customers. This means that they have taken to streetwear fashion and added a bit of high-end spice to it.

 Natalia Verza wears a total Miu Miu look made of sunglasses, earrings, a chain metallic necklace, a black oversized blazer jacket, gray bras, a Miu Miu silver shiny bag, gray sportswear jogger pants, high heels black shoes

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Edward Berthelot

What do you think of when you look at sweats? Many people wear sweats in their homes because it’s comfortable and doesn’t really require much styling. With that said this is why so many people won’t consider them high fashion. Now just because you can lounge around in a pair of sweats doesn’t mean they don’t or aren’t high fashion. There are a number of different sweatpants made by high-end fashion labels. This includes Juicy, Gucci, Luis Vuitton and so much more.

Now with that said you know that you can actually purchase a high-end pair of sweats. Next, you will need to think about how you style it to make it look less like you are going to the gym and more like you are attending an event but just threw an outfit together. First, you should look at footwear. Your shoes can really elevate the look and feel of your outfits. Try going with heels in the footwear department. Next, you can pair your sweats with a cute crop top or any other type of shirt or top that you have. Now for accessories. Accessories can really take your look to the next level.