Are Oversized Shades In or Out?

Marc Gordon
Mar 14, 2022

With fashion trends changing so often you don’t know what is in or what’s out. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It is really hard to keep up with every fashion trend especially now that social media plays a massive role in fashion. Sunglasses have been a staple fashion accessory throughout the history of fashion. After all, people wear them during every season. Now are oversized shades in or are they out?

Oversized shades are definitely still in fashion. You can spot a number of different celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna still sporting this iconic fashion accessory. Now, yes there was an era where oversized shades took a bit of a break and everyone gravitated towards the smaller look. But you don’t have to through all your oversized sunnies away. All you need to know is how to style them correctly for your face and with your outfits.

Heidi Klum wearing an oversized blazer and round sunglasses

Getty Images / GC Images / Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin

When it comes to sunglasses it’s best to go with a pair that fits your head shape. You never want to look like you are drowning in your sunnies or like your sunnies are simply just too small for your face. The best way to figure out what size shades are best for you is by looking at the size of your face. If you are a medium to large size face, you are able to get away with larger sunglasses. Now if you have a much smaller-sized face, it would be best to go with something a bit smaller.

Lastly, you have to think of how you are going to style your sunglass or rather how your shades are going to complement your outfit. Remember that no matter how big your shade is, they shouldn’t outshine your entire outfit, they should simply complement your look. This means that you should look at the style and color of your sunglasses.