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Are Nuts a Good Snack?

Laura Lee
Feb 22, 2022

Finding something healthy to snack on can be tough especially when you have a craving. Luckily you have a few alternatives that could help curb your craving and fill your stomach between meals. Although nuts are considered to be part of the fats category of food, they are way healthier than chocolates, sweets, and chips. With that said you need to know if too much of a good thing can actually end up being a bad thing.

This may come as a surprise but nuts are actually high in fats. With that said they are also high in energy. This is why it is not a surprise that you naturally gravitate towards them as something to nibble on. Nuts also contain great vitamins that are beneficial for your health. This includes Vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. However, too much of it can cause you to have high cholesterol.

Bulk organic hazelnuts in a brown paper bag on a terrazzo marble

Getty Images / Moment / Volanthevist

There are a variety of nuts that you can choose to nibble on when your cravings start to kick in. However, there are a few that are considered to be healthier than most. These would be almond nuts which are actually heart-friendly and Brazilian nuts that are high in protein and minerals such as zinc and iron which makes it a great choice if you are a vegetarian. Now because of their size, it’s really easy to get away with eating a hand full of nuts or two.

But if you are eating a hand full a day every day, then you will start to have health issues. Remember it is still high in fats no matter how small they actually are. This is why you should think about your portion sizes when nibbling on nuts. Yes, you can have a variety of different nuts at once but you should still take note of how much you are eating.