Airbnb's New Virtual Travel Experience

Laura Lee
May 25, 2020

Just about everyone is feeling cabin fever settle in and that travel bug itch start to scratch. The unfortunate news is no one is traveling for the foreseeable future. However, there is a silver lining in this cloud! Thanks to Airbnb’s new Online Experiences you can still explore the world! The virtual travel experience offers a ton of opportunities ranging from workshops with Olympic medalists, trips to Chernobyl, and cooking classes with people from all over the world! These experiences would typically be done while abroad, but now you are able to do it at home with loved ones that maybe wouldn’t have been there! It can also be used to bring co-workers together to work as a team again and to reconnect. You can also reserve a private experience and request a specific date for booking if you have a large group.

Over 30 countries offer an online experience. Each host gives participants a way to discover a culture and traditions while remaining safely at home. So even though you can’t physically travel, you can still experience that place virtually. Morethan 50 virtual experiences are now available for booking through Airbnb’s website. There might be even more offerings added in the next few weeks so be on the lookout. Each experience has a different price range from $1 to $40. All virtual experiences will be hosted on Zoom.