Agra's Most Historic Structures After The Taj Mahal

Marc Gordon
Dec 05, 2020

Travel lovers and history buffs alike will definitely be familiar with Agra, India for its iconic structure, the Taj Mahal. However, what many people don’t realize is that this city is home to many other historic buildings. Here are some of the most beautiful ones, which are definitely making us want to plan our next trip.

Agra Fort


Getty ImagesChristopher Chan/Moment

This stunning fort has been gracing the city of Agra with its presence since the 16th century. Around that time, it served as the main residence to the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty. Today, it’s reddish-hued sandstone walls ensure that it remains one of the most recognizable structures in the region. Check out some other smaller historical monuments while exploring the fort, such as Jahangir Palace.



Getty Images/Juergen Ritterbach/Photodisc

The tomb of I’timad-ud-Daulah is a Mughal mausoleum in Agra, India. Often referred to as “Baby Taj,” it is believed to have inspired the interior decoration of the iconic landmark. Like the Taj Mahal, the walls of Itmad-ud-Daula are made of lavish white marble and decorated with semi-precious stones.

Tomb of Akbar the Great


Getty Images/Rolf Bach/MomentOpen

This beautiful monument was built in honor of the Mughal emperor Akbar the Great and is deemed one of Agra’s most impressive architectural masterpieces. Considering the fact that the city is also home to the legendary Taj Mahal, that’s saying something! With its marble and red sandstone walls and stunning gardens, it is nothing short of breathtaking.