Advice you Need to Know Before your Summer Vacation

Claire Miles
Jun 05, 2023

It’s summer, which means it is vacation time! Everyone is planning their summer travels. Whether your trip is with friends, family, children, or a romantic getaway, here is some necessary advice to ensure your trip runs smoothly.

First, if you have the flexibility, travel during non-peak times. Summer in general is busier than other seasons, but try to avoid holiday weekends. Prices will be cheaper and also areas will be less crowded.  Always start with a packing list. This will prevent forgetting anything and also over-packing. Pack light and essentials only. For example, if you are going to a location with lots of steps and walking, you most likely won’t need those 2nd pair of heels. Look up the temperature beforehand to be best prepared. Also, make sure you leave room in your bag to buy some extra souvenirs!

Try to budget and plan the itinerary ahead of time. This will save you extra stress during your trip. If you are someone who likes to go with the flow then have a strict schedule, just make sure everyone you travel with is on the same page to avoid any conflict.

If you are flying, here are some helpful tips! First, look into what credit card gives flying points. It may help you get discounts in the future! If you are only going for a few days, try to fit everything in a carry-on! It will be easier to transport and you won’t need to worry about missing luggage. If you do need to check a bag, airports are being reported more and more frequently for losing luggage. Get a luggage tracker to put on your suitcase! If you are driving, make a great playlist ahead of time or download your favorite podcast to help pass the time. Most importantly, make sure to pack plenty of road trip snacks to get you through the drive.

Whether you are taking a romantic getaway to Europe, or a family trip to your local beach, these travel tips will help. Preparing with these few tips ahead of time will ensure you the perfect summer vacation.