Acrylic Nail Trends

Marc Gordon
Feb 10, 2023

Acrylics might not be trending but that doesn’t mean people aren’t getting them anymore. There are a few changes in this fashion style but it’s not out of the fashion market yet and it won’t leave the fashion market that soon as well. People will keep investing in fake nails and stick-on nails are not as durable as acrylics. People have started getting short acrylic nails as compared to the same people getting longer acrylic nails a year ago. There can be several reasons for that. But can we finally say that we are glad people have started adapting to short acrylic nails?

Close-Up Of Woman Hand On Purple Flowers - stock photo

Getty Images / EyeEm / Kirezhenkova Marina / EyeEm

If you never got acrylic nails, you might have seen other people or YouTubers posting videos on their acrylic nails. People used to get longer acrylic nails until recently they chose to adapt to something different. There can be several reasons for people adapting to shorter acrylic nails, for example, long acrylics are difficult to maintain regarding cleaning and breakage of the nail, functional issues regarding doing something that requires nail power or the long nail acting as an obstacle, etc. After these issues, people decided to move to stick-on nails but the glue isn’t of a premium quality every time.

They are not as durable as acrylic nails and can give up on you unexpectedly. After this, people decided to adapt to short acrylic nails. Shorter acrylic nails are easier to manage, cleaning them is not a big problem, moving around with them doesn’t feel like an obstacle, and most importantly, they suit your hands well. You might need to adjust to the size change but once you realize that they don’t feel like a burden on your skin, you will thank yourself. But if you are a fan of long acrylic nails, do your thing and go get them now.