Achieve Instant Glam With These Tips

Claire Miles
Mar 16, 2022

Everyone wants to feel glamorous, but with work-life balance hanging on the balance most times, it can be hard to. Nevertheless, there are some tricks you can use to take your look from a 50 to a 100 real quick. First, make a big statement with eye-catching rings, bracelets, chokers, and hair accessories. Make sure you don’t go overboard with your accessories, no matter what you wear. Less is more when it comes to statement pieces. It’s remarkable how much of a difference a pair of shades can make. Sunglasses are timelessly chic and cover dark circles and other facial faults. The biggest celebrities and style icons wear sunglasses to give mystery and allure to even the most casual outfits.

Your wardrobe extends who you are, so make it pop. Make the most of the current fashion trends by updating your wardrobe. Many ladies believe they are larger than they are. So they cover it up with long baggy tees and slouchy hoodies to make themselves appear bigger. Try the lesser size the next time you go shopping. Alternatively, if you’re used to wearing your garments a little too tight, go up a size. Unflattering, unpleasant, and, most importantly, aging clothing is unflattering, unsightly, and aging.

Celebrity posing for paparazzi on red carpet

Getty Images / OJO Images / Tom Merton

First and foremost, spruce up your professional attire. Invest in slick jackets, wrap blouses, and easy-to-wear separates. This season, don’t forget to try some ruffle blouses and dresses, which are all the rage and very fashionable.┬áDon’t forget skincare. A glowing skin gives you an instant glow. Also, use your moisturizers and face masks because not only are they highly refreshing, but they will also give you an instant glow. When you’re confident, your appearance takes on a glamorous air. Make sure you take care of yourself whenever you have some free time. A little self-love will make you feel glamorous no matter what you’re wearing, boosting your natural shine. We’ve all seen people on the street who seem to have an enchanting aura while being dressed in sweatpants and sneakers. Finally, but certainly not least, your smile. It’s time to show your smile and dazzle everyone in your vicinity.